AIM GeoAnalytics is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for clients seeking to run individual, customized courses exclusively for their staff. We are happy to incorporate client data and case studies into courses and workshops customized for relevancy to your specific project.

Examples of Customized Courses

Karst Development and Recognition During Greenhouse Global Climates: The Ordovician El Paso Group, El Paso, TX

Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Bakken/Sappington Petroleum System in Western Montana

The Phosphoria Total Petroleum System: Wyoming, Utah and Montana

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Aim GeoAnalytics Field Trip 


It [the core workshop] was a great use of time for us, and I know we learned a lot… Again, between the great descriptions, facies work, "teambuilding" events, correlation discussions, and SEM work, it was a great trip.
Geologist, Denver CO client


We thoroughly enjoyed our time … and, as always, walked away learning something new.
Manager, Billings MT client